Sunday, October 13, 2013

Baby T is 1 and taking steps!

Here are some things that have been happening:

  • Baby T turned 1 on Thursday.  C had a volleyball game and a major birthday that night, so we confined our celebrations to handing Baby T a cafeteria cookie of her very own.  We (minus C) invited a college family out to the main green space to enjoy homemade stomp rockets, atlatl throwing, and an Aerobie.  There was a 16-month-old boy in the family we were playing with, and  D was SO impressed with his various accomplishments.
  • D really wants to see Baby T walking well.
  • I've started giving Baby T cow's milk in a sippy at meals.  She doesn't think much of it yet.
  • Yesterday, we had our real party for Baby T.  We invited a family of our neighbors and friends to meet us for dinner at the cafeteria.  Baby T enjoyed pizza and banana while wearing a red dress with white polka dots (of the sort Minnie Mouse would appreciate).  We then enjoyed stomp rockets and atlatl at a different green space and tried to get a BIG rocket up into the sky, without success.  Then it was dark and we went home for cake and prickly pear soda (C wanted to make sure everybody had some) and diet root beer.
  • I baked the cake from a store mix, but C frosted and decorated it to say "Happy Birthday T" with a pink and blue border and pink flowers (somewhat cherry blossom-looking).  She is getting to be a very adequate cake decorator.  
  • Baby initially tossed aside her slice of cake without giving it a chance, but we gave her a second slice and my husband mushed it into her mouth a little.  She eventually caught on.
  • My husband took 150 pictures yesterday.  
  • It got to be bedtime for some of our guests, so they went home.  I washed up Baby T, dressed her for bed, and then she opened gift bags (with assistance).  The big kids LOVED Baby T's new xylophone.  Everybody was up late playing with Baby T's toys.  
  • Baby T woke up this morning just after 5.  I fed her, and hung around her dark room with my laptop while she fitfully slumbered for another hour.  I handed her over to my husband once it was a decent hour and climbed back into bed myself.  She fell asleep again at 9:20 and has been down for 2.5+ hours.  I'm hoping this is not going to be a trend and that it doesn't mess with her bedtime.
  • This morning was the first time I've seen her methodically opening the cabinets in her bedroom.  I took some time this morning to move her clothes baskets to a higher shelf, as when she's running loose in her room, one of the first things she likes to do is to spread pjs all over the floor.  
  • Baby T's current feeding schedule is 16 minutes total first thing in the morning, 8 minutes total before nap, 8 minutes total after nap and 16 minutes total at bedtime.  I need to drop one of those middle of the day feedings (probably the after nap one) and shorten the morning feeding a little.  
  • As of yesterday, Baby T is able to stand for extended periods of time.  She has also repeatedly taken two steps at a time.  Most impressively, she can stand up without pulling up.  Once she can walk a little better, we should hit the children's museum.  
  • The big kids are very impressed by Baby T's standing.     

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