Sunday, September 15, 2013

Feeding the pre-toddler

I was reading a very interesting web article on feeding the 12-month-old.  Here are some quotes I pulled out:

  •  I tell parents that one good meal per day is the expectation, and their job is to balance out the diet as best as they can over time.
  • The most common mistake I see here is too few fresh fruits and (more commonly) veggies. Catering to a toddler’s tastes or whims is usually a bad idea, as well. I’ll occasionally hear, “All he wants to eat is macaroni and cheese, so that’s what I end up giving him.” Going back to the infant pureed veggies is a nice trick that works for many parents. Pureed carrots as a dip with unsalted bread sticks is a fun toddler hors d’oeuvre. Pouring a jar of pureed veggies into pasta sauce is another way to hide them in the diet. 
  • Most pediatricians recommend a diet for toddlers that does not restrict fat or cholesterol. 

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