Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cruising well

Here's some of what's happening:

  • We got our new stainless steel microwave and trim and my husband installed it.  It's so pretty.
  • Baby T is cruising well and stands with the merest hint of support from a single hand.
  • Baby T loves her pizza and she had some grilled cheese sandwich today at the cafeteria.  It seems like you can't go wrong with combinations of bread, cheese and tomato sauce.  
  • Our car started emitting burnt oil smells yesterday on the drive home from school.  My husband discovered it was leaking oil.  We had to miss CCD last night and he had to get a ride to the grocery store for some diapers, milk and some oil to put in the car to get the kids to school and the car to the mechanic's.  My husband got it to our mechanic this morning and we cadged a ride home for the kids from some friends.  I also missed a school event tonight.  Tomorrow, my husband will be walking the kids to some friends for a ride to school and hopefully the car will be back home by the end of the day.  We miss the car very much, especially since our neighborhood grocery store has been closed, and we only have gas stations and mini-marts near campus now.   

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