Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Business plan

Hey, entrepreneurial types, have I got an idea for you!  How about starting a drive-thru convenience store, so customers can procure basic survival stuff (eggs, bread, milk, Baby Tylenol, etc.) without stepping out of their car?  It may sound over the top, but there are times when that's just what a person needs (like when a kid is sick or asleep, so you don't want to take them into a store).

I suppose that a vending machine setup and some sort of touch screen ordering mechanism would do more or less the same thing.

Come on, guys!  You can do it!


Wendy said...

We had these growing up in New York - Dairy Barn.
They keep closing, though. There's still one open near my sister's house, and one night when we were visiting, I stopped by one with the kids just so they could experience it.

xantippe said...


I was driving home with all three kids tonight and thinking again how much I wanted to be able to get drive-thru milk. The huge new grocery store is an hour long ordeal and I didn't want to stop at 7-11 and go through the bother of getting all four of us into the store and then back into the car just for milk. I would happily have paid $5 for a gallon of milk just so as not to have to get out.