Sunday, September 15, 2013

Baby T's feeding

Here's some of what's happening:

  • Baby T and I hosted two mommies, two toddlers and a big standing baby for a playdate in T-ville (the playroom off the kitchen) on Friday.  Baby T loves other babies and toddlers and attention in general.  In church, in fact, she has a bad habit of squawking until the other babies or toddlers pay attention to her. 
  • D likes neatening up Baby T's Little People sets.  Baby T, on the other hand, likes messing them up.  
  • Baby T is obviously entering into a new phase of her gastronomic life.  She doesn't care to nurse for more than a few minutes when out and about (she's been known to bite to demonstrate that she's done NOW), and she has been shortening some of her less essential feedings.  This is very noticeable, as in the old days, she wouldn't stop sucking of her own accord.  
  • I've got a sippy with water fastened to her stroller for walks (it's still HOT), and she is very competent with it.
  • I offer her solids probably three times a day, but it tends to be 1) a bagel and a cup of water in the stroller 2) a real baby/toddler meal at home with several different kinds of foods (tonight it was baby peas, slices of avocado (mostly tossed), Cheerios and plain yogurt with lots of fat) 3) pizza or grilled cheese or pancake similar at the cafeteria with cafeteria veggies that will probably be ignored, then tossed.
  • There was a brief window where she was avidly eating the steamed veggies I put on her tray, but she's suddenly over that.  
  • I serve most solids as finger food, but reserve the right to spoon in gloppy stuff (like yogurt).
  • She is surprisingly enthusiastic about the yogurt.  It's Brown Cow plain yogurt, the kind with the cream top.  It's surprisingly mild for plain yogurt and I seem to remember that D also liked it at this age.  
  • Putting the best face on Baby T's switch in dietary preferences, I think it may be because she is making a point of eating higher calorie food.  I was just looking up how many calories a 12-month-old is supposed to get (Baby T is 11 months old) and they're supposed to get 1,000 calories a day!  Holy cow!  No wonder Baby T doesn't have the time of day for mixed veggies (38 calories for 1/2 a cup of peas and carrots).  Given the tiny size of her tummy and her need to get in 1,000 calories a day, she can't afford to eat much of that low-density stuff.

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