Sunday, August 25, 2013


Here's some of what's happening:

  • Right now, my husband is hanging up a coat of arms and crossed decorative swords in D's room.  It's going to look great.  [UPDATE:  I got to see the preliminary position of the coat of arms and it does look fantastic.] 
  • Tonight, we had store ham and cheese quiche and steamed mixed veggies and grapes for dinner and Baby T had the same thing (minus the grapes).
  • Our recent pattern with Baby T's solids is that Baby T gets one large meal and some starchy snacks at other times (tortilla, bagel, etc.).
  • I'd been wondering what weaning was going to look like, as I've never weaned a breastfed infant before (C and D were bottle-fed pumped milk).  What seems to be happening is that Baby T has taken matters into her own plump little hands.  I think she's had one full-length breastfeeding today (first thing in the morning?), but the rest of the time, she has been cutting her feedings in half.  This has been particularly pronounced when I try to feed her when not in my usual location (church, C's bedroom, etc.).  
  • What I think is going on is that Baby T is switching from treating milk as a meal to treating it more as a beverage. 
  • I had been hoping to start weaning at 1 year and go directly to whole cow's milk with no bottles.  That's six weeks away and I think I may need to revise that plan.  While I would still like to skip bottles, we may well need to start supplementing a bit with formula, perhaps at meals.  Another option is to offer cheese and yogurt and lots of water.  We have a small stash of formula, so we have options.           


Wendy said...

The same thing happened with E--seemed to be ready to wean a little earlier than I'd hoped. I might have started milk a little early and supplemented with formula towards the end of the first year. It's funny because the only thing that derailed S's nursing was her ear infections. I just got tired of getting up every hour at night (and I was working full-time, and it was really hard on me), and she was 14 months old and I pretty much decided I was done.

xantippe said...

I vaguely recall using formula toward the end with one of my bigger kids and thinking, gee whiz this stuff is expensive per serving compared to cow's milk. It was relatively easy, though, to just progressively adulterate their bottles with whatever I wanted them to switch to, be it formula or cow's milk.

I'm also hoping to do what they recommend in the books and shorten and eliminate the middle of the day feedings, then the morning one, and then the bedtime one. (What about the one before T's afternoon nap? Good question.)

It seems like if you don't cut off milk privileges by around 1 year, it's really tough to do so later on. 2-year-olds are persistent little critters.