Thursday, August 1, 2013

Upstairs at the new house

This post and the previous one are of unpacked rooms in the new house.  Here are some photos of the master bath and Baby T's nursery.
master bathroom vanity
shell sink (not so yellow in real life--more purplish)
shower with purple swirl cultured marble
purple swirl bath--but very comfy for reading
grand view from top of stairs
Baby T's nursery--lots of built-in storage
Baby T's nursery--shelves and cabinets


Wendy said...

Awww, it's not that bad!

xantippe said...

The bathroom colors are sort of washed out in the photographs. In real life, the counter, shower and bath are dark cream with a plum marble swirl and the carpet is dirty bubble-gum pink (and I'm pretty sure the carpet has got to date from 1991). The toilet and bidet are plum purple--I didn't put pictures up of that because I'm not internet enough to put up pictures of THAT up.

I think the master bath is what got us the house--all of the people who originally saw it (and I think there were quite a few) went screaming out of here once they saw it. It's so large and you can't really change any of it without changing all of it. The rest of the house is tolerable and the master bath is functional.