Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tree down

Here's some of what's happening:

  • On Friday, the tree guys came and trimmed a Chinese tallow in our front yard and fell a scraggly 39-foot (there's an app for that!) larch in the backyard.  The larch was leaning over our house.  They got it down safely, which was a relief.  They sent their lightest crew guy up with a harness and a chainsaw and he cut a bunch of limbs, then methodically worked his way down, cutting off first the crown of the tree, then successive lower stretches of trunk.  They then chipped the stump.  This all took about 90 minutes and cost us $325.  The actual tree-climber was a Hispanic guy wearing a Jesus shirt (done in the style of the famous Che Guevara shirt), with text saying "Viva la revolucion!"
  • C has been experimenting with the embroidery function on her new (used) sewing machine. 
  • C has finished sewing her felt horse from online instructions.  She decided, late in the process, to make it a unicorn. 
  • C seems to be getting better.  D, however, is starting to act a little peaky.  School starts next week.  Get better, kids!
  • Baby T has figured out how to pull up on her play pen, an advanced task.
  • D has been staging elaborate scenes with block fortresses, knight action figures and stuffed dragons.
  • Baby T had a lunch today consisting of Cheerios, Wheat Chex and steamed peas and diced carrots (from frozen).  This is the first time I've used my new microwave mini-steamer, which I like a lot.     
  • I got a shipment of four blue-and-white earthenware Tunisian salad bowls.  The size is perfect, but they're not as nice as they looked in the online photos.  I'll keep them for a while and see if I warm up to them, but I may just send them to Goodwill eventually.   

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