Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Third word

Here's some of what's happening:

  • Baby T had her 9 month pediatric appointment this afternoon. 
  • Baby T has a third word:  "poo."  That's actually her version of "spoon".
  • The inside of the house is officially unpacked--not perfectly arranged, but unpacked.  We will leave the garage for cooler weather.  The garage is the last area to be dealt with.
  • Our mover came and got some used boxes from us today.  
  • I was finishing up the master bedroom and some odds and ends in the hall:  baby clothes that need to be given away and a box with a few items of baby memorabilia.  On reflection, we have lots of photos with C and D in their hospital baby hats, so we don't need to keep the actual physical hats.  D's baptismal candle can join the other candles in our candle collection and come out for special occasions and C's first pair of toddler shoes looks serviceable for Baby T.  So, no box of baby memorabilia.  Our photos, baby journals and blog will have to serve.      
  • We've had the bushes and vegetation directly around the house removed (it's for termite and carpenter ant prevention) and are collecting bids for the removal of a nearly 40' larch that is leaning over the house.   
  • Good news:  C was working hard this evening on making baklava with phyllo pastry, nuts, butter, oil, honey and rosewater.  Bad news:  I'm not close enough to hear what's going on, but there's a burnt smell wafting up the stairs.  
  • D went down to sleep around 8:30 PM.  Woohoo!  

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