Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Quilt finished

Here's some of what's happening:

  • C finished her quilt yesterday.  Her teacher did some of the piecing, but it's about 75-85% C's work.  That leaves the dress project.  I've told C that if she wants to sew clothing or a quilt for Baby T, that we can furnish material.  I also told C that if she can do a quilt 100% by herself, we will enter it at the county fair.   
  • My husband has been having Baby T climb stairs.  She has done 15 steps at a time.  
  • We had a big playdate this afternoon.  We all had lunch at the cafeteria and then went home.  I did a house tour for our friends, D showed off his block castle and knights and C showed off her sewing machine and projects.  Then the kids got to work building cardboard box castles (we had been saving some really good boxes from the move).  Eventually, my husband was able to help do crenellation with a box cutter.  We had an ice cream break to restore everybody's vitality.  The boys worked on their box castle, the girls worked on their box castle, and eventually there was a big battle.  I eventually declared peace.  I'm hoping that the boys' castle and the girls' castle will eventually be turned into a joint mega-castle.   

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