Friday, August 30, 2013

Pizza for Baby T

Here's some of what's happening:

  • The 13-year-old built-in (!) microwave stopped microwaving and started emitting odd burning electrical odors when the on button was pressed, so we stopped using it.  At that point, I discovered that the microwave is (after the fridge) the second most-used appliance in the kitchen.  We microwave our oatmeal in it, our frozen bagels, veggies for Baby T, frozen meals, hot fudge for ice cream, etc.  It gets used half a dozen to a dozen times, every single day.  And right now, we have no microwave.
  • After much research, my husband ordered us a microwave and trim kit.  The old microwave was built-in, so that substantially increases the cost of replacement.  It is a painful fact that we are paying almost as much for the trim kit as for the microwave itself.  We went for stainless steel, as I hope to eventually replace our appliances with stainless, and anyway, the only suitable trim kit was stainless steel.  We have a mixture of white and black appliances, but we have to start somewhere if we're switching over.  (I realize stainless steel may be a little less trendy than 5 years ago, but I like it, and a microwave is not a lifetime commitment.)       
  • Baby T went to bed just now around 8:35 PM, which is about an hour sooner than she has been doing recently.  I really, really like this, as an 8:30 bedtime would give me the option of helping out with D's and C's bedtime.  D is down right now and I am hanging out in C's room lending moral support as she tidies up her room.   
  • Baby T and I went to the zoo this morning with a bunch of grad moms and one grad grandma.  It was hot, but I happened to have a bunch of zoo passes that would have expired tomorrow.
  • Baby T had cheese pizza for dinner tonight at the wonderful new cafeteria.  I am trying to figure out how to feed her at the cafeteria, as we have had her sitting in her nice stroller, and I am struggling with the idea of tomato sauce on the stroller upholstery, but C reminds me that the stroller is red.  We do have a portable feeding seat that may or may not fit into the stroller basket--I will have to see if that works.  There's really good food at the cafeteria and Baby T is currently so open-minded about food that we really should take advantage of it (I realize this window of opportunity is closing).  

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