Saturday, August 10, 2013

Morning report

D asked for permission to see Baby T this morning (a frequent request from the kids) and came back with the following information:

  • Baby T was looking at the ceiling fan.  D said "fan" over and over again to encourage her to repeat the word.  Baby T, however, said something that sounded a lot like "give" and D told her he couldn't give her the ceiling fan.
  • D reminds me how many developments Baby T has been through.  Early on in Baby T's life, when he went in to see Baby T, she'd be in exactly the same position she'd been put down in.  The next step was being on her tummy.  After that, he'd find her sitting up.  And now, he has been finding Baby T standing up holding her crib rail. 

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xantippe said...

D amplifies his report to say that Baby T was saying something like "fan," followed by "give."