Sunday, August 18, 2013

False start

Here's some of what's happening:

  • Three of us are mildly afflicted, each in our own way.  I'm a casualty of the weaning process.  I called in to the after-hours doctor this evening and got set up with some antibiotics, as I didn't want to wait the 12 hours until the office opened.  It's not entirely clear that I have mastitis, but I didn't really want to wait to find out.
  • C did a lovely acrylic painting of an Asian dragon today (copied from a book on how to draw dragons).
  • My husband is working on some decorative swords for D's room (which is decorated in a castle theme).
  • Baby T has been eating some lovely steamed vegetables.  My little microwave mini-steamer is perfect for this and they taste much better than green veggie baby food, which is nasty.   
  • Baby T's passive language is really improving.  She handed her daddy a Little People polar bear and a Little People pig when he requested them.      

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