Saturday, August 17, 2013

Baby T's second breakfast

Baby T is 10 months old and has been enjoying the wide world of table foods lately.  (I am going to have to find somebody to take my stash of Stage 2 baby foods off my hands.  I'm keeping the Stage 3s and maybe the Stage 2 pureed meat--I guess we can try it on toast or something.)  Just now, she's having banana, Cheerios and plain yogurt for her second breakfast.  Yum!  This was the first time she's had yogurt, so she winced a little, but she had a fair bit of it.  She's not as fanatical a nurser as she used to be, but I'm aiming for weaning at one year, if possible.  You're allowed to switch over to cow's milk at one year and it would be nice to avoid the unnecessary expense of formula.  I have a small stash of formula, though, just in case.    

In gross motor news, Baby T pulls up all the time and needs only the very slightest support to stand.  In fact, if you put her in a standing position, she'll stay up not just momentarily, but occasionally for quite a while, sometimes for long enough to clap her hands.  


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