Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The plumber came!

Here's some of what's been happening:

  • A friend, her big kid and baby came over this morning and I got to show off my new Keurig machine. I had hazelnut!  I'm also waiting for a shipment of coffee paraphernalia:  a bunch of decaf K-cups, a pack of Torani sugar-free syrups (vanilla, hazelnut, etc.), some amaretto sugar-free syrup (I think) and  some pumps for the syrup bottles.  How much did all that cost?  A lot, but you don't need to skip that many Starbucks lattes to break even.
  • The plumber came and fixed our sink for $86.96!  So happy.
  • We went to the children's museum and then to Panera's for dinner.  Afterwards, we went to Pier 1 and to Petco to visit the kitties, rats, hamsters, lizards, fish, etc.  D is firmly settled on getting a Papasan with a fuzzy chocolate brown cushion.  C is likewise firmly settled on getting a Swingasan.  The kids have been told that we can start getting them decor after they are finished unpacking.  I would like to get a wicker settee, but am waiting patiently for end-of-season sales.  I even ventured to ask the staff when that might be.  The manager said that the Papasans go on sale regularly and that the wicker stuff should go on sale by the end of the month.  The kids LOVE Pier 1, which is funny.    

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