Monday, July 29, 2013

Sewing table done!

Here's some of what's happening:

  • We think Baby T is saying book (or "gook" in her pronunciation).  There is pretty strong contextual evidence that that's what she is saying.  The book that first evoked it is "Are You My Mother?" and she also seemed to use the word of my husband's Fr. Dowling mystery from the library.
  • The kids were sick today and missed their swim lesson.  Bummer.
  • I had a long late morning/early afternoon at the dentist's today.  I was kind of enjoying the "me time" but at $251 for all the work, it's kind of expensive. 
  • The door for C's sewing table came and my husband finished assembling it.  It's quite a lot for our $110.  We are waiting for C's rearing Arabian horse poster and some sewing and quilting books.  Once C has demonstrated familiarity with the sewing books, we will look into getting her a machine.  
  • She's doing very well with her stuffed horse sewing project (cream felt with chocolate felt accents).  
  • We have one week left of swim classes for both kids, one huge week of sewing class for C (a dress and a quilt--it's sweatshop camp!), and then one week for tidying up odds and ends before school starts.  
  • D is enjoying the cardboard shield (spray-painted silver) with coat of arms that my husband made him.  I think it would look fantastic on plywood as room decor.  

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