Saturday, July 6, 2013

On a spree?

Here's some of what happened today:

  • We got a late start, but very efficiently managed some errands on a plaza.  My husband got a haircut while the kids and I got C ballet slippers, tap shoes and tights at Payless and then ordered a birthday cake for C for her 11th birthday (a half sheet of Black Forest cake).  C is going to be doing a dance camp soon and I think she will enjoy it more if she has the appropriate clothing.
  • We then set off for a long-awaited buffet lunch at an Indian restaurant about an hour away.
  • We noticed a big box sporting goods store and we got 1) some dance clothing for C 2) goggles for D and 3) two exercise balls for the kids (in two different sizes).  One of the balls has diagrams showing different exercises, which I think the kids will get more use out of.  
  • We returned to our home town, went to confession, returned some books to the public library and got some more books.
  • We had dinner at the cafeteria and then at home, my husband and the big kids got to work on the packs of foam matting that came in the mail.  They are creating a black-and-white checkerboard floor in Baby T's play room (the former formal dining room).  I had initially wanted grey foam matting but they didn't have enough for the whole floor, so it's a relief to see that the black-and-white is not as stark as I expected it to be.  
  • C's room is slowly progressing.  I have told the kids that once their rooms are unpacked, we will give them a decor budget to work with.  Both of the kids are interested in improved seating.  Last I heard, D wanted a Pier 1 Papasan chair (both kids LOVE Pier 1) and C wanted a Swingasan.  
  • My new Keurig drink machine has arrived (I put all of my birthday money into it), but the kitchen counter where I am planning to put it is not free yet (I am also planning to get some sugar free syrups from Amazon, as I have been disappointed by the availability of sugar free K-cups).  That's a very high priority now, but it will probably be another two weeks before any more unpacking happens as we've got a big academic whooptydo ahead, as well as a very busy week of camps.  We've got an IKEA Poang chair and ottoman coming in the mail and I also plan to eventually buy a Pier 1 wicker settee and cushion as additional seating for the playroom.  I'm kind of waiting for Pier 1 to have some deeper end-of-season discounts (it's already 20%, but I think they can do better).  Our family name for the playroom is T-ville, but I suppose Mommyville is an equally good name for it.            
  • As you can see, I'm kind of on a spree, but we have the money, and it's all being carefully prioritized to yield maximum improvement in quality of life.  

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