Saturday, July 20, 2013

C is 11!

Here's some of what's happening:

  • My husband hung up a bulletin board in D's bedroom and has started putting together a sewing table for C.  The sewing table, unfortunately, is missing one large piece, so it can't be finished as is.
  • C's birthday party was at a rollerskating rink.  I invited every single girl in C's 5th grade class last year, plus some siblings, plus a family that helped us move our kitchen when my husband was sick.  The adult contingent that stuck around through the whole party was 5, counting me and my husband.  I'm not totally sure how many kids there were, although I think it was probably around 15.  We had pizza and Black Forest cake (chocolate cake with cherry pie filling on top) supplied by the HEB bakery.  Baby T had a fine time.  C loved her gifts and I was able to write out her thank you emails just by typing out her exclamations over the stuff as she opened it at home.  
  • Thanks to birthday checks, C is nearly half way to getting a sewing machine.  
  • D is loving his new Papasan with the fuzzy chocolate brown cushion.  It's like a big nest for him.  C is torn between the Papasan and the Swingasan, although she feels like she would regret not getting the Swingasan.      
  • I've somehow wound up with prepper type quantities of baby food at home (an entire cupboard shelf devoted to little tubs and jars), which is funny, because I haven't been feeding Baby T much baby food at all.  I'VE GOT TO STOP BUYING BABY FOOD!!!!

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