Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Baby T update

Here's what Baby T is up to:

  • She falls asleep generally around 11 AM (briefly) and again around 2 or 3.
  • She sits up nicely.
  • She has been trying to pull up (for instance, on her bath today).
  • She crawls well.
  • She is scared of the exercise balls when she is on the floor.
  • She is starting to be unhappy about being passively spoon-fed.  We were having a tussle in the Barnes and Noble cafe today where I was trying to spoon-feed her sweet potatoes, and she was trying to wrestle the spoon out of my hand.  Hopefully, not too much sweet potato hit innocent bystanders.  (Normally at home, it's more amicable.  I give her a bagel, Cheerios or Chex on her tray and a spare spoon and she tolerates spoon-feeding.  I need to remember the bagel.)
  • We're working through the fruit and veggie purees in the cupboard.  I'm working toward giving her pureed meat, Stage 3 baby dinners and table food, but it's an awfully slow process introducing her to new foods.   

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