Thursday, June 13, 2013

We're back!

We're back from 9 days visiting the West Coast.  My husband and two oldest went to Victoria and my husband did a conference there while C and D did Victoria stuff with their grandparents.  Meanwhile, Baby T and I flew by ourselves to Western Washington and visited with various relatives.  Baby T did OK, although there were a couple of late nights (especially in a new place) when it took a long time to get her down to sleep.  We did very well on the road with the carseat/universal carrier combo.  I am thinking I will try not to fly with Baby T when she is 1 or 2--as I recall, there's a bad patch between mobility and age 3 when small children 1) are hard to deal with on planes 2) don't sleep in strange beds.  I'm also not crazy about toddler car seats, especially not when having to install them myself.  Booster seats are much simpler to deal with.

Baby T had a lot of floor time on the road and she is now an expert creeper.  She is also able to raise her tummy off the ground.  Crawling is probably right around the corner.  Baby T now has four bottom teeth, one top tooth, and one top tooth that is coming in.  She is 8 months old.          

We got home Saturday, rested Sunday and then Monday the big kids were off to camp.  They have a very complicated schedule this week with a total of six drop-offs and pick-ups.  D is doing a space station simulation camp and C is doing a cooking class in the morning and a shadow puppet class in the afternoon.  It's been a very fun and productive week, although it's quite impossible to do anything beyond those drop-offs and pick-ups, some basic meal preparation and the family's enormous laundry.  I did somehow manage to unpack the master bath, which is the only room that is done.  

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