Monday, June 17, 2013

T-ville and nursery

We spent far longer than I expected putting the finishing touches on T-ville and T's nursery today.  In the morning, we sorted toys in T-ville (that's the name of T's playroom/my parlor in the formal dining room).  We moved toys out of a cardboard box and into a plastic milkcrate (not a real milkcrate--the kind that they sell at college bookstores).  Then my husband gated T-ville with our old baby gates.  That turned out to be a huge project.

I tried to take a nap when it looked like Baby T was going to nap.  That didn't work out, so we wound up sorting and boxing baby, toddler and preschooler toys and baby equipment in the nursery in the later afternoon.  We were getting very close, so I proposed an outing for dinner, a visit to Walmart to get storage baskets, and a trip to Jamba Juice.  We went to Rosa's for fajitas and taco salad, got plastic baskets and outlet covers at Walmart, and then did smoothies at Jamba Juice.  Then I disinfected the baskets and put away various toys and baby clothes and linen in baskets on the built-in shelves.  

The nursery still needs babyproofing on the cabinets and I would like to improve the parent seating in T-ville (and invest in a Keurig coffee maker for the kitchen with my birthday money), but both rooms are essentially unpacked as of today.  The following rooms are officially unpacked:

  • master bath
  • laundry room
  • T-ville
  • nursery
That leaves:
  • master bedroom (nearly done)
  • D's bedroom 
  • D's bathroom
  • living room (nearly done)
  • kitchen (mostly done)
  • C's bedroom
  • C's bathroom
  • garage
C's bedroom and D's bedroom are currently the least unpacked, as well as being high-priority, but they are also going to be very lengthy, finicky projects.  I'm concerned that the unpacking may stall out once we start there.    

The big kids have been building structures for Babyzilla to destroy.

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