Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer for real

Here's some of what's been happening:

  • Baby T loves French toast.  That has at least three allergens in it.  The question of whether or not it's wise to introduce common allergens is currently very murky (see this article), so I have no idea what the "right" answer is these days.
  • We took a long vacation from solids before, during and after our move (except for bread products), but during our West Coast trip, Baby T had a tub of baby food just about every day.  She was suddenly capable of finishing off a 2.5 oz tub of pureed fruit at one sitting, rather than eating a small quantity and making a mess.  Her current regimen is one serving of some form of bread a day and one tub of fruit.  I've been able to start using a toddler spoon. 
  • According to the pediatrician, we should be aiming for three solid meals a day for Baby T.  That sounds like a lot.
  • Baby T went to bed tonight at around 8:45 PM.  It would be really nice if that turned into a pattern, as the bigger kids go to bed around 9 and 9:30.  She naps once or twice a day now.
  • We've started using the laundry chute.  
  • Airport security seems to have improved greatly since we were last flying with small children.  I had TSA help loading our stuff on the conveyor at two different airports and I was waved into the family line.  I have vivid memories of repeatedly snarling up security lines when the big kids were small, so this is fantastic.  I also noticed a special over-75 line at one of the airports, which is also a good idea.  Also, I saw a sign saying that kids under 12 don't need to take off shoes.  Also, you can take enough baby food for your flight, in addition to your one quart bag of liquids.  What an amazing outbreak of good sense!  
  • Based on the ominous creaking noises it's making, I think the car seat/stroller frame combo is coming to the end of its usefulness for Baby T.  I'll miss it, because I like having Baby T be able to face me and it's such a good air travel solution.  I'm eventually going to get a new umbrella stroller to put in the trunk (something like a Maclaren Volo) and then use our Bumbleride Indie jogging stroller for neighborhood use (I keep it parked in our entry).  
  • I was on a bit of an Amazon spree after our move and trip, once we were sure we weren't totally cleaned out by the house purchase.  I ordered and got a grocery cart seat cover for Baby T (which will be very useful once she sits up better).  Although, come to think of it, it may not work for us to take Baby T to the grocery store during the summer, as the car seat will heat up too much if we leave it in the grocery store parking lot.  Oops.  The grocery cart cover is really pretty, though, and we'll be able to use it in late September or so.  I also ordered an Exersaucer, because I need another baby-holding device for upstairs.  She's getting so mobile, though, that I may not be able to use it that long.  I  mostly just need to unpack, though.
  • The big kids (especially D) have been enjoying setting up buildings for Baby T to destroy.      
  • We don't have any camp responsibilities next week, so that should be the start of our big unpacking push.  

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