Sunday, June 23, 2013

One month after move

As of tomorrow, it will be one month after our move.  I think that one month is the crucial number for move-in.  I can only really sustain white hot intensity for that period, and then I have to get back to normal life.  And what with our West Coast trip and camps and baby, I can't really say it's been white hot.  Here's what we've been doing:
  • We celebrated my birthday on Thursday.  I got a new bread machine from my MIL.  Yay!  My husband has already made a whole wheat French bread in it. 
  • On Friday, we took C's good friend and her family to the new and improved water park and then lunch.  Baby T and I went, too.  We have managed to go to the water park three times already this summer.  One more visit and we will have broken even on the season passes.  
  • On Saturday, we put in one good hour on D's bedroom in the morning.  In the afternoon, the family friends we went to the water park with took C and D to the children's museum until closing.  My husband and I worked on a closet, puzzles and various odds and ends.  We are getting to the finicky, time-consuming part of the move-in effort.
  • D will be in full-day camp this coming week and C will have a swim lesson every day.  My plan at this point is to shelve major unpacking until next Saturday.  If we do major unpacking every Saturday until we're done (with some work during some of Baby T's naps) I think we will do very well.  We'll try to do more during weeks when the kids don't need to be driven for camps.      

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