Saturday, June 15, 2013

New umbrella stroller?

Baby T's carseat/stroller frame combo is starting to squeak terribly, so it looks like it's time to buy her first umbrella stroller.  Which one, though, is a tricky question.  I could go the boring route and buy yet another Maclaren Volo, but there's a great big world full of strollers to look into.  I even plunged in and bought a consult from Stroller Queen (owner of 350 strollers and expert on import brands).  Other possibles are the Joovy Groove Ultralight and the Inglesina Swift.  I may yet just get another Volo.  There's also the option of just going with an inexpensive vanilla full-sized stroller with kid cupholder and snack tray and a big storage basket (like this one from Jeep).  I need to remind myself that what we are looking for is a replacement for the car seat/stroller frame combo, a good car stroller, something for opening up and folding up again 2-4 times a day and not taking up too much space in the trunk.  The siren song of the kid snack tray and the big basket is very seductive, though.  We probably need to make some store visits in order to check folds and comfort.  Ideally, we'd make it to Buy Buy Baby in Plano, but even just Babies R Us and Burlington Coat Factory would be a good start.

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