Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More camp

Here's some of what's happening:

  • The following rooms are now completely unpacked (I think):  D's bathroom, the master bath, the laundry room, the playroom and Baby T's bedroom.  About half of the house is totally unpacked and several rooms are very close to done.  I did a big push on the kitchen yesterday, unpacking boxes and then cheating a little by moving boxes of non-kitchen stuff elsewhere.  The great virtue of this being such a large house is that our possessions (coming from smaller homes) disappear readily into its generous storage.    
  • I discussed with D which bath toys he wants to keep for his bathroom.  I collected his rejects for Baby T.  I decided that Baby T's toys would need a plastic container that would drain and I was very pleased to find a large plastic colander at the grocery store.  It's going to work very well, hopefully.  
  • Baby T is teething.  It makes her grumpier than usual and often makes her go to bed an hour or two later than I think she would if her teeth weren't bothering her.  She has has 7 teeth at last count, way more than she needs for her purees and gumming dinner rolls.
  • I see from reading What to Expect that they would like Baby T to already be moving away from purees toward table food.  The problem is that introducing new foods is such a slow process (a new one every three days) that I am taking a long time to work through the Stage 1 baby food in the cupboard.  Also, I feel like Baby T has just started to be able to eat purees well.  On a typical day lately, she'll have a bagel or tortilla while we eat dinner and then she'll have a few Cheerios and the new puree (more or less depending on how much she likes it).        
  • My husband got a tree pruner and has been sawing and lopping small branches that were touching the house.  For termite prevention, our house inspector wants vegetation kept well away from the house.     
  • This week, D is in full-day camp studying Texas plants while C is doing a two-week Red Cross swim course (not a camp).  

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