Saturday, June 29, 2013

Living room done

Here's some of what's happening:

  • This afternoon, my husband and I finished the living room (except for the boxes we are keeping for the moving company and a friend who lent us book boxes).  The following rooms are unpacked now:  playroom, living room, laundry room, D's bathroom, master bath and T's nursery.  That leaves the following areas to be worked on:  D's room, C's room, C's bathroom, the master bedroom, one messy countertop in the kitchen and the garage.  We're heading into a busy time, so I've booked my husband for 15 minutes at a time for several days this coming week.  Barring the unforeseen, we will finish this.
  • I went out to dinner at Panera's by myself with Baby T (I got their chicken avocado Cobb salad).  Baby T spent at least half an hour gnawing on my dinner roll.  Then we went and did some serious window shopping at the nice big strip mall that has four stores devoted entirely to children's clothing.  Now that we are unpacked to the point that I can bring stuff home and have a place for it, I allowed myself to hit the winter clearance racks.  I got Baby T a lovely pair of purple corduroy pants with purple corduroy heart appliques and a bright pink sweater dress for a grand total of $13.  So cute!   
  • At the strip mall, I also visited Pier 1 and I was considering something like this settee as extra seating for the play room.  It being Pier 1, they sell practically unlimited cushions to go with the settee.  An IKEA leather love seat is another option, but a wicker settee is more budget conscious.    
  • Baby T went to bed before 9 PM tonight.  Awwww...
  • Baby T enjoyed one of her daddy's homemade pumpkin muffins earlier today.
  • Here is the current list of solid foods that Baby T is cleared to eat:  rice cereal, apple, banana, Cheerios, peas, squash, bread, sweet potato and pears.  Baby T has also had egg and presumably cow's milk in French toast a number of times.  As usual, I have doomsday quantities of baby food in the cupboard.  It's such a slow process introducing new foods and doing a three-day trial for allergic reactions that I'm still working my way through the Gerber Stage 1s (the single ingredient fruit and veggie purees).  Oh yeah, and at least one baby book (What to Expect?) treats it as a given that the 8 month old will be well on their way to transitioning to table food.  Slow down, people!
  • We have next week mostly off, except for several swim classes for C.      

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