Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Entry done

Here's some of what's happening:

  • Our entry is done.  We tidied up the bookshelf there and decided to discard a 17-year-old vacuum that was starting to smell funny.
  • I love our house SO MUCH.  Hope it doesn't have termites (I found a couple suspicious bugs in the bathroom that looked a lot like the termites on the internet).  
  • My husband says that the sad-looking tree leaning over our house is a larch, not a pine, it's way out of its climate comfort zone (it's an alpine tree), and that it's 39 feet tall.    
  • We've given Baby T some chances to sit on our lawn.  Much like C who first encountered grass as a toddler (!), Baby T was initially scared of the grass.  Baby T has a number of new fears, as the child development books say is typical for her age.  She is frightened by loud voices and by our toy accordion.  
  • Baby T loves playing with our hair.  She is no longer the infant who happily sat in her car seat for hours.  She wants to be on the floor, she wants to move, and she wants quality entertainment.
  • One of Baby T's peculiarities is that she has two totally symmetrical cowlicks at the back of her head. The cowlicks run into each other at the top of her head, forming a blonde rooster tail.  Her hair looks a lot like a Kewpie doll's.  
  • Of late, Baby T has been waking up between 7 and 8 (depending on diaper conditions).  I try to give her a real meal of solids once a day (cheerios, baby food and cup of water) and she often has a bagel or roll during our dinner.  Aside from that, she's on a liquid diet.  I'm supposed to work her toward three solid meals a day, although I have concerns about overdoing it.  She often snoozes briefly in the morning (for instance, during our morning walk) and then takes a big nap starting around 2 PM.  I may need to try to adjust her nap a little to cope with the big kids' school pick-up.  While teething often pushes her bedtime later than normal, she has been going to sleep around 8:30 PM the past two nights, which is very convenient.  I'd like that to continue--it was really hard to get much done in the evening or help with C and D's bedtime when Baby T was going to bed at 9:30 or 10 or 11 PM.   
  • C has had three days of swim lessons so far this week and tonight my husband took her to the college pool to work on her form.  C has been complaining about how hard they work in the swim class (lap after lap), but my husband says that she is much faster than before and her form is very good.  Yay!  If all goes well, C is supposed to take two two-week Red Cross courses by the end of the summer.    

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