Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tornado watch

Here's some of what's happening:

  • My husband and I stayed up latish (until around 12:30) to make sure that none of the tornadoes in our region were headed our way.  So sleepy!  
  • I took C to the doctor yesterday after she had a splitting headache for over 24 hours, on top of a mild temperature and throat irritation.  (The PA at the office had suggested allergies a few days ago, so we had started an allergy regimen.)  The doctor did a blood count on C and discovered some sort of viral activity.  I'm shelving the allergy treatment for the moment.  Hopefully C will be able to go back to school very soon.  The school year is almost over, so it's very important to catch up.  
  • We've got less than one week before we move.  There are only six days where we have access to both places, and there's going to be a flurry of cleaning, painting, packing and moving.  Fortunately, we are able to hire a bunch of people to make all this happen, but there's still going to be a lot of chaos. 
  • Oh, and I guess our banker is in poor health, so our closing may not go off as scheduled due to delays in getting together the appropriate documentation.  We've spoken to the sellers, though, suggesting that we rent the house from them until the closing can be done.  
  • I'm trying to edit five years of blog to turn into a blog book for family consumption, and I've got 15,000 lines down and about 4,000 left to go.  Hopefully I can finish and send it off for printing before the software crashes on me or or move date.  If it crashes, losing days and days of work, I am not going to start again, because this is already my second go at it. 
  • I've been working on summer camps for the kids.  Here's the current list:  1) one week dance camp for C 2) one week sewing camp for C (dress and quilt) 3) two weeks swimming classes for C and D 4) one day faux stainglass-making camp for both kids.  I still need to sign both kids up for gifted camp and sign D up for a sewing camp and a horse camp, but I've got a bottleneck right now, as I'm waiting for a form for the horse camp, the gifted camp doesn't have its catalog out yet, and the sewing camp may conflict with the gifted camp.  I'd like to get this all settled before our closing date.  
  • Everything is more or less on track.  The only thing that I would have liked to do that isn't going to get done is sorting the kids' stuff before the move.  We're going to have to just move as we are and sort things out after the move.  

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