Saturday, May 25, 2013

Moving in

Here's some of what has happened.  It's all a blur at this point, so this is a very rough approximation of the week's events.

  • Baby T now has five teeth:  four on the bottom gum, one just coming in on the top gum.
  • We were supposed to close on our new house on Monday.  Over the weekend, we learned that the appraisal hadn't been done yet and that the closing could not go forward.  Around dinner time on Sunday (the day before the scheduled closing) we signed a lease with our sellers and got keys before the sellers left town.  We will rent on a weekly basis until we are able to close.  
  • On Monday afternoon, cleaners came and started working on the new place.  
  • On Tuesday, painters came and painted C's bedroom a cream color that matches her horse-themed bedding and painted D's bedroom a very pale blue.  Both colors were the kids' choice and looked very much like the paint chips.  We had cleaners finishing up the house on the same day.  My husband was sick that day, which was supposed to be our day for moving fragile stuff and our kitchen.  I got a phone call from a friend asking to help and she and I and her husband moved the bulk of our kitchen and unpacked nearly all of what we moved.  (Baby T was hanging out with us and the bigger kids were at school.)  My husband recovered enough late in the day to move fragile stuff.
  • On Wednesday, the packers came and packed us up (we needed to work hard to figure out what needed to be left until last).  C was home sick.  The process only took several hours.  My husband's father arrived to help with the move.
  • On Thursday, the movers (the same three guys as packed us up) came and moved us.  It took from 9 AM until something like 6 PM.  The cable guy came in the afternoon.  The fridge that was unplugged and that the seller cautioned us about turned out to be working (hallelujah!).  Our washer that had been sitting in the garage for nearly a year turned out to be working, too.  My FIL stayed at the old place and my husband, Baby T and I and C (she was still sick) went to the new place to await our stuff at the new house.  (I'm totally spacing out on what we did while waiting, but I recall a lot of nursing Baby T while sitting on the kitchen floor.)  We went to bed at the new place exhausted after setting things up for breakfast and school the next day.
  • C and D both went to school on Friday.  My husband and his dad and some cleaners got the old place ready for handover to the property manager.  Along with the cleaning (there was an unbelievable number of dead bugs under the furniture), they spackled holes in the walls, did minor repairs, and replaced burnt out lightbulbs.  It was a real showplace by the time they were done.  We handed over the place to the property manager and he was quite impressed.  In the afternoon, my husband and his dad secured tippy furniture.
  • Today, the three kids and I did grocery shopping (a first for me).  My husband and his dad unpacked books.  Baby T took a long nap and I unpacked stuff in the kitchen and a wardrobe box in C's room. After dinner, all of us except Baby T enjoyed frozen yogurt.  

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