Thursday, May 30, 2013


Here's some of what's happening:

  • The kids had their last half-day of school today.  It's been nothing short of miraculous that we've gotten them to school in the more or less correct uniform.
  • Baby T and I accompanied C to and end-of-school pool party for her 5th grade class.  Very fun, although Baby T got sprayed in the face by a water gun (those things spray very far) and cried quite a bit after that.
  • We all five went to closing this afternoon.  My husband and I have closed on the new house, written a huge check and gotten a big bundle of papers.  Our sellers are supposed to be signing today, which will spare us another week of rent.  There were no ugly surprises about the dollar amount required for closing.  We had been holding off on any elective purchases, so this means that we are now free to sign the kids up for some more summer camps.   

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