Monday, May 13, 2013


Baby T and I dropped my husband off at work as usual this morning.  It being the end of term, I was able to grab a parking spot on campus.  Baby T and I went to Einstein's Bagels to get me a bagel and iced latte before setting off for a walk.  I was just starting to eat my bagel and was already pushing the stroller toward the exit when I noticed a pair of big blue eyes watching me and a pair of small pudgy hands starting to wave with excitement.  My bagel was too nutty and fruity to share (I like their Power Protein Bagel), so I lined up again and procured a plain blagel for Baby T.  I gave her half to work on.  She held it tight and gummed it competently for the duration of my walk.

I never gave the big kids bagels as infants, but I think they are really ideal for a teething baby of T's age (7 months).  T really likes stuff (like baked goods) that she can hold onto a big chunk of and gum or rip.  

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