Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Here's some of what's happening:

  • We've tightened up the commenting controls on the blog.  Hopefully that will not inconvenience any legitimate commenter.  The spam was getting outrageous.  My least favorite was the disingenuous, passive-aggressive comment from a spammer, inquiring if I was having trouble with spam, while spamming me in the very same comment.  I hope the new controls will do the trick.
  • We're counting down to history fair.
  • The moving company guy came to do an estimate this morning.  It's the same company that moved us last year.
  • Here's our tentative moving timetable (it's mostly my husband's invention):  Day 1, closing, Day 2, cleaners at new house, move kitchen stuff and fragile stuff, Day 3, movers pack our stuff, Day 4, the move, Day 5, cleaners at old house, walk through with landlord's office, hand over keys.  That sounds  doable.   
  • With my foot trouble, I've been trying to moderate my walking to around 10k steps a day.  After we move, we're planning to get an elliptical machine for home use, as it's impractical for me to expect to be able to get to the gym regularly anytime soon.  The move itself will be a lot of exercise, though, so there's no rush.  I do want to get it by around Thanksgiving.  
  • D's pedometer has arrived!  He was very excited.  I'll have to remind him to put his on for the weekend.  C was very good about wearing hers over spring break, and we occasionally compared numbers.  
  • Baby T is rapidly growing out of her 3-6 month outfits and is wearing a lot of 6-9.  

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