Saturday, March 23, 2013


Here's some of what's happening:

  • C, D and I all have pedometers.  I've been wearing mine daily for over two weeks.  The kids have been wearing theirs during vacations and on the weekend.  D did over 20k steps today, which is pretty wild.  I've just gone over 11k steps for today, but I have to keep things moderate to avoid foot or knee injury.
  • The kids walked with me to the alternative coffee shop today (it's about a 20 block round trip).  
  • I bought this new diet and exercise diary from Amazon.  I'm going to be filling out only a fraction of the blanks, but I like the weekly progress sheets.  It's an attractive spiral-bound log (fear not--the garish orange cover is actually just wrapping).  
  • I've been trying to feed Baby T rice cereal at least once a day.  
  • I can't believe that it's already Palm Sunday tomorrow.  

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