Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pedometer for C

Here's some of what's happening:

  • This is my second day of wearing a pedometer all day (or as much as I remember).  I logged 13k steps yesterday and am on track to log about 12k today.  That's right about the level necessary for weight maintenance for women my age.  That's the good news--this particular program is very compatible with housewifely bustling around with laundry and long stroller expeditions (i.e. my normal life).  I don't find wearing the pedometer at all inconvenient.  The bad news is that it's rather time consuming and I'm not getting my clerical work caught up.       
  • I've talked to the kids about getting them pedometers.  D thinks he gets enough exercise (and I expect he's right about that).  C is interested and we just ordered her a pedometer this evening.  I'll try to make sure that she wears it on weekends and breaks.  C is sedentary but also very competitive, so this may be good for her.  
  • D's class had a Greek feast at school today--they all wore ancient Greek dress (i.e. bedsheets).  D hated the food.  He brought home a multicolored glazed pot that he is obviously very proud of.    
  • A pack of sorority girls surrounded T's stroller while I was waiting for my iced latte at the college alternative coffee shop.  "I WANT one!" I heard one girl say.  Baby T has that effect on people.   
  • The spammers are terrible--it's getting so I can't keep my own blog tidy and any legitimate comments are going to be lost amid the spam dust bunnies.  I'm afraid I'm going to have to do something about this when I have the time.        

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