Saturday, March 16, 2013


Today was the long-awaited rollerskating birthday party for D's boy classmates (and one big sister who is a classmate and good friend of C).  There was a total of just 7 kids including our own (spring break took its toll on attendance).  We started doing non-home parties a year ago and this was a truly painless experience.  We brought the cake, candles and birthday boy, and that's all we had to do.  There was a party helper to serve pizza, drinks, icecream bars and cake and a three-story playground in addition to the skating rink.  My husband got in a good skate and I socialized with parents.

C has a birthday in July and we're in negotiations with her over whether to do a skating party for her or to do an outing to the water park with another family.  That will be less than two months after our move, so a non-home party is very attractive.  

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