Friday, March 1, 2013


Here's some of what's happening:

  • The kids had a half day at school today.
  • We returned home to some packages on the doormat.  There were two birthday packages for D (his birthday is in less than two weeks) and a box for me containing a snazzy German pedometer and a book on a 10,000 step exercise plan.  The  10,000 step book comes packaged with a cheap pedometer that I gave to C (reviewers warn that while the book is good, the pedometer is unreliable).  I have told the kids that I will be happy to purchase them nicer pedometers if they are interested.  This is an experiment.
  • We have a very big day tomorrow.  We're expecting company for a soft pretzel-making party.  We have a tight schedule and I'm somewhat afraid that the old bread machine is going to let me down or that I will be delayed in getting the dough made in time for our playdate.  (I've been thinking that a new bread machine will be my birthday gift to me.)

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