Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More spring break

Here's some of what's happening:

  • C has started working on her UIL practice.  
  • Good news:  I'm already over 14k steps today (a record).  Bad news:  I can feel it.  
  • We all went to the big strip mall this afternoon.  My husband and the kids hung out at Panera's with grading and Kindles and then proceeded to an athletic store and Petco.  C wants a mouse.  (If you know us in real life, DON'T GET US A MOUSE.)  I was clothes shopping.  This is a much bigger deal than it sounds like, as it has been nearly six years since I've gone into a store and tried on clothes.  I used to make pilgrimages to the mall by public transportation when we lived in DC, but after we moved to Texas it was some years before I knew how to drive well enough to go to the mall.  So I got out of the habit and survived on mail order.  My wardrobe gradually evolved toward stretchy knits, and I became rather hazy about my actual sizes.  However, I did my homework (some measuring before the mall trip) and as of today I'm the proud owner of two pairs of stretchy jeans.
  • Later in the afternoon, we ordered a German chocolate cake for D's birthday party and the kids and I did some grocery shopping.      

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