Saturday, March 30, 2013

Full roll!

Here's some of what's happening:

  • Baby T successfully rolled from back to tummy this morning in front of a large home audience.  She had her arm stuck under herself for a while, but eventually got it out.
  • Baby T is enjoying sucking on her feet.
  • She's currently wearing a few 3-6 month items, a bunch of 6-9 month items and a couple of 12 month outfits (a hot pink velour suit and a baby blue velour ensemble).
  • My husband gave her some cereal in my absence a day or two ago and he reports that she sucked it down eagerly.  I have yet to see this phenomenon.  So far with me, she's been taking it in...and then extruding it again a couple seconds later.  
  • C has been working on an acrylic painting of a circus horse.  This is her first outing with her Christmas paint set (that was some of the stuff that was stolen from our doorstep over the holidays, so it took a while to get her the stuff we thought we'd already gotten her).  She has a big stash of small canvases, a wide variety of paint colors, a fancy palette that keeps paints moist and other necessaries.  We are having her sketch her plans before turning her loose with the paints.  

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