Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Blue velvet

Baby T and I had a tough day at the mall this morning.  We were looking for a dress for C for her class's famous yearly reenactment of the Civil War.  I went into at least a half dozen stores with no success.  Easter approaches, and the fancy dresses are almost all sleeveless in our climate, which is not suitable.  It was bleak and I was starting to lose hope, but at least I had a lovely lunch at Panera's (baby spinach salad and French onion soup).  I was beginning to kick myself for not buying something around Christmas, when there are many suitable fancy party dresses (with sleeves!).

At home, I started looking at Amazon and discovered that there were a number of velvet party dresses available.  I put several of them in my Amazon cart and waited until C came home to order one.  C chose a midnight blue velvet dress with white accents and short sleeves.  It's ordered.  Glory be--this costume has been haunting me for weeks now.  It's very pretty and C should be able to wear it elsewhere.  

Now, we still need to settle the question of D's Egyptian outfit.  He's got a Greek feast later this week and will be wearing something toga-ish, but fortunately my husband was able to follow the instructions for turning a white sheet into a toga.

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