Sunday, February 3, 2013


Here's some of what's happening:

  • I took all three kids to a new robotics exhibit.  C was annoyed by a show-off puzzle-solving robot (visitors were challenged to race against it).  Both kids waited patiently in line and got to operate a robotic arm that ran up and down a pole and grasped and manipulated bottles and balls.
  • We are scheming to figure out how to get the kids onto the college ropes course.  If it turns out to be the sort of thing they like, we may do a birthday party out there some day.  
  • We are trying to figure out our West Coast travel.  Our options are 1) C, Baby T and I go to Washington over spring break or 2) We piggyback on a conference in Victoria, BC in the early summer and some assortment of us goes to Canada.  It's starting to look like we'll be doing 2.  Pros:  a) better weather later in the year b) fun location.  Cons:  a) Baby T may have trouble sleeping on the road at that age b) we'll have just moved.
  • Baby T is about 14 pounds as of today.  
  • I opened a box of old baby clothes and laundered and put away some 12 month outfits for Baby T this afternoon.  It's always very exciting to crack open an old box of clothes to see what the 2006 me sent the 2013 me--it's a sort of short-term time capsule.  Also, I get a lot of enjoyment out of playing dress-up with Baby T.  
  • C was very affectionate with Baby T when she got to hold her in church this morning.
  • My husband took the kids rollerskating today.

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