Friday, February 15, 2013


The soft pretzels turned out fine, even with the unnecessary addition of egg white to the bread machine.  The bread machine prepared the dough (90 minutes), C and D rolled the dough out into ropes and then formed them into small pretzels.  I let the pretzels sit and get puffy and simmered them briefly in hot water and baking soda.  C brushed the pretzels with egg white and then she coated 4 with sesame seeds and D coated 4 with salt (table salt, since we didn't have kosher salt) and we baked them.  I did several cinnamon sugar ones as well.  I didn't have butter, so I microwaved cream cheese, dipped the baked pretzels in the cream cheese and then rolled them in cinnamon sugar.

We ate a bunch of them and then froze the rest.

It seems to me that we should be able to make bagels without too much fuss--the technique is somewhat similar.  (I once made a batch of bagels in Russia, but I wasn't crazy about the results.)

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