Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Here's some of what's happening:

  • Baby T and I barely got out of the car today.  We took my husband to work, picked C up from school, drove her to the dentist and then drove her back to school.  In the afternoon, we picked D up from school for speech therapy (he's working on fluency and th), hurried back to school to get C and then picked up D from speech therapy.  Soon after we returned home, I took C's temperature and discovered she has a fever.  
  • Baby T is developing better and better control of her torso.
  • C has been glued to You Can Weave!, a book I bought her probably for her 9th birthday, around the same time I got her a small wooden loom.  (I had a plastic Fisher Price loom as a 6th grader and loved it dearly.)  One of the interesting things about C is that if you hand her a craft book with lots of directions, she is actually pretty good about reading the text and figuring out how to do projects.  
  • C has been very effusive about her love for Baby T.  She feels deprived if she doesn't have a chance to hold Baby T.     

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