Thursday, January 3, 2013

School is coming

Here's some of what's been happening:

  • We got Baby T a scrapbook and two kinds of glue at Michaels.  We also got D a new pair of school shoes.  
  • McDonald's peppermint mocha is actually pretty good--not too sweet.  It's also rather cheaper than at that other place.  I cannot, however, recommend Burger King as an alternative to Starbucks--much too syrupy.  
  • Baby T is starting to be able to take advantage of the Jumperoo.  She was dancing from one foot to the other just now.  
  • We had a delicious panang curry chicken with veggies for dinner tonight.  
  • D has just switched calendars.  Here are some highlights from his notes on his 2012 calendar before I drop it in the recycling.  D noted Fat Tuesday, Easter!, school holidays and return dates, days at camp, the "transit of vinos" (i.e. Venus), "Distroy brige," happy birthday mom!, our move date, C's birthday, the fair and my induction date ("wa!" and "in mid October the baby may be born").        


hush said...

I agree, McD's peppermint mocha has a nice flavor and is priced right.

Panang curry is one of my favorites. My friend who went to culinary school had never tried it until I took her out for Thai in the big city - I thought that was a huge educational FAIL.

Xantippe said...

Panang tofu is surprisingly good for tofu. When we lived in DC within walking distance from a very good, inexpensive Thai restaurant, I loved it as a cold remedy. Ginger chicken was good for pregnancy nausea.

Thai food--is there any problem it can't fix?