Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Here's some of what's happening:

  • D is starting to read The Fellowship of the Ring.  
  • My husband and I caught up the big kids' scrapbooks this afternoon.  It looks like it was probably 1.5 years ago when we last updated them.  I keep a drawer of possible material (photos, awards, drawings, birthday cards, letters, etc.) and we periodically add new stuff.  Some time helps in the editorial process, to figure out what is important and what isn't.  I sifted and organized the materials and my husband did the formatting and gluing.  We'll be getting a first scrapbook for Baby T in a couple of days and then we can start her baby book.  For being a third child, she has quite a nice assortment of greeting cards and other materials.  
  • Baby T is just starting to grow out of her 3 month outfits (she'll be turning 3 months old in just over a week).   
  • With two days of treatment (shampoo the first day, baby oil and shampoo the next day), I've pretty much eliminated Baby T's cradle cap.
  • C is starting to do stuff with the microwave.
  • C saw me putting some oil in my rice cooker (the internet says that adding some oil prevents boil-overs) and asked for permission to play with some vegetable oil and water.   
  • The big kids go back to school in about a week.  
  • We're past the halfway point (I hope) in our time in our current apartment.  Our closing date for the house we hope to buy is in the second half of May, so we're getting closer to the time when it wouldn't be crazy to start getting ready for the move.      

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