Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Supporting breastfeeding

I was just reading the following over at The Fearless Formula Feeder's blog.

I am passionately in favor of better breastfeeding support.  But I believe the type of support that matters is NOT making sure that everyone really, really thinks women can and should breastfeed and telling women about all the harms their children will suffer if they don’t–I had plenty of that the first time around, and it caused nothing but failure and guilt.  Real support is making sure the professionals who are around new moms and babies (nurses, pediatricians, LCs, and OB/GYNs) know the mechanics of breastfeeding and can quickly and effectively recognize and treat common problems (latching issues, tongue tie, thrush, whatever).  How about toning down the first type of support and devoting more of our resources to the second for a while?
 I agree completely.  There's too much breastfeeding "awareness" and too little actual help and information.

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