Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cradle cap

Baby T has a raging case of cradle cap.  The scaliness that had been afflicting her eyebrows (!) with yellow flaky skin has cleared up on its own, but I'm hoping the stuff on her scalp will clear up faster if I follow internet advice to shampoo daily.  Normally, I believe in not over-washing babies (as one of our old pediatricians said when I asked him how often to wash C, "she's not dirty, is she?"), but Baby T has a really scaly scalp.  I just shampooed her and gave her scalp a good scrub with a baby wash cloth.  Some of the scales seem to have come off, but it looks like it's going to take quite a few days to get it to all come off.  I also bought some baby oil to treat her scalp, just in case the baby shampoo doesn't do the job.  (Up until today, I had only the haziest idea what baby oil is for.)        

In happier news, our car is back from the shop and I managed to get some groceries.

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