Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Children of Men

I got the February 2013 issue of Country Living (their white issue!).  There are many interesting interiors with lots of white, neutrals and dark brown or black accents.  Anyway, one of the ads at the back of the magazine caught my eyes.  It's for a 22" long poseable collectible baby doll (not a toy, they hasten to remind you).  I found the ad 50% sad, 50% disturbing.  From the ad copy:

  •  She turns toward you with a look of pure love!
  • Touch-activated to look up at you as you hold her in your arms
  • ...Chloe responds to your touch!
  • Few things are as precious as the first time your baby responds to your touch by turning her little head towards you with the most trusting, unquestioning love that only a baby can give!
  • Feel her soft RealTouch skin, wiggle her little toes, smooth her delicate wisps of hair, and experience  that special bond that only you two share every time she looks at you.   

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