Saturday, December 29, 2012


Here's some of what's happening:

  • The car is in the shop right now for its 100,000 mile maintenance as well as some repairs.  We hope to get it back by the end of business today and do some grocery shopping.
  • Yesterday, my husband and the kids built a robotic arm from a kit.
  • D, Baby T and I walked to a deli for coffee for me and then we walked to a playground.  It was windy and in the 40s, so we didn't stay very long, but there was a token visit.  There is some stuff within walking distance of our duplex (a BBQ place, Burger King, a deli, a greasy spoon, Cinnabon, the grocery store, a donut place, a playground, etc.) but it's a mostly depressing neighborhood. 
  • My husband put the Jumperoo together for Baby T.  She can't really jump in it yet (her feet don't quite touch the ground), but she can bounce a little.  She likes it OK for short visits, which is all we need.  We're all (especially D) a bit envious that there isn't a Jumperoo in our sizes (although I tell the big kids that those bungee cord trampoline things at the fair and the mall are a close approximation).    
  • Last night was the beginning of our big switch-over.  My husband moved Baby T's Pack N Play out of our bedroom and into his office and we slept alone, but with both doors open so we could hear Baby T crying.  I woke up at 4AM but went back to sleep until just before 7, at which point I fed Baby T until about 7:35AM and put her back to sleep in her SwaddleMe.  So far, so good.
  • The concern had been that if we moved Baby T prematurely, she'd have to get pretty loud before we heard her and she'd wake everybody in the building up before me.  That doesn't seem to have happened.  
  • I also will not be doing night feedings in our bedroom, so as not to wake my husband unnecessarily.  
  • We should probably repeat the experiment of having Baby T sleep in another room for a couple more nights before assembling the crib, at which point I get to start using the pretty crib sheets I bought before she was born (woohoo!).  We also need to do some minor rearranging of baby equipment (for instance, the diaper pail needs to move to the office).         

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