Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cowboy boots

I'm hoping this is the last day of D's convalescence. He occasionally complains of tummy, but he looks better, sounds better, and his energy level is very good. He had the same food as everybody else for dinner and nothing bad happened. Yay!

This afternoon, C and I drove to Cavender's Boot City (the Western store) and we did some shopping with the Christmas money C's Washington grandparents sent. We got C a pair of blunt-toed pink cowboy boots (size 3.5) and a bright pink sparkly cowgirl shirt (size small) from the women's section. This is the first time I've knowingly shopped for C from the women's section and both that and the new boots feel like a rite of passage. The boots are very cute. If we'd been able to find the right size, we would have just gotten brown boots and passed them down to D when the time came, but unfortunately, there weren't any cute brown boots in the correct size. It's not exactly a cheap store, but I really like a lot of the cowgirl shirts in the women's section, even the sparkly ones. C LOVES sparkly stuff. In fact, when we made a quick trip to Michael's (which is on the same plaza), she purchased some gold ribbon (on sale) and some rhinestones ($4.09 total, paid out of C's personal funds). By the time we got home, the rhinestones had been neatly installed on her purse.

At home, C passed her old brown cowboy boots down to D and the kids played cowboy for a while. They have a stick horse, cowboy hats and boots, so they are well-equipped.

C remains inseparable from her new Kindle.

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