Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas card

We got the cutest Christmas card from a 1st grade classmate of D's. It is written as if by the classmate, and it talks about how he had been praying for a brother or sister since he was 2, how many years he kept praying, almost giving up when he was 5, and how he finally got a baby sister when he was 6. (He figured that his initial prayers hadn't worked, because he had been praying for an older brother or sister, and as his parents eventually explained, that is not how it works.) Anyway, it's a three hanky Christmas letter, so sad and so happy all at the same time.

I had my blood draw for my blood count for my anemia yesterday (I've been counting down to this more eagerly than to Christmas). I've been working on my anemia for about five weeks now, and I see my doctor to talk about my results a couple days after Christmas. Is it very wrong to be more interested in this than Christmas?

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